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    Never lose a set of master keys again!

    Re-keying a building or floor is expensive, time consuming, and exposes the building and tenants to potential security and safety breaches. Eliminate that risk with ekt.


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    The Only Preemptive Key Loss Solution

    ekt locates keys before they are lost. ekt prevents loss using audible and physical alarms and light strobes so you will never lose a set of master keys again!


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    Reliable, Easy to Use, and Just $245* Per Unit

    ekt can immediately be incorporated into existing key control programs for any sized organization, and is ideal for multiple industries including: security; janitorial; property and facility management; hospitality; health care; law enforcement and corrections.

    * quantity and dealer discounts available.


ekt Features

  • Prevention: The solution to key loss is the electronic tether that keeps keys within a 15-step radius of the user.
  • Ease-of-Use: ekt is easily removed by pressing on the thumb release button and returned to the belt unit with a simple click and snap.
  • Triple Threat Alarms:The belt unit and key unit emit a combination of unique alarms based on feel, audio, and visual. This combination makes identifying key location quick and fool-proof.

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Did You Know?

  • The majority of master keys today are simply protected by the traditional key ring attached to a belt loop. This method of key control has remained unchanged for well over 100 years.
  • During the London 2012 Olympics, a set of master keys was lost for a major sporting venue. Click Wembley Stadium Keys Lost to learn more.


    "EKT is the only [key control product] that aims to stop keyloss before it happens! Imagine zero key loss, that's a dream come true for any building or facility where multiple people are carrying master and sub master keys."

    David Sullivan, CPP
    Police Officer & Former Security Branch Manager.