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Gravity Tether Single Unit
Price: $199.99

2 AAA batteries included
Key FOB Unpairing Station
Price: $50

Used with Electronic Key Control Boxes
Places KEY FOB in Sleep mode while in box
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Allow up to two weeks for delivery of ten units or less. Call for delivery times on larger orders.

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    "Losing master keys is an embarrasing & expensive experience, knowing it can be prevented makes it all the more frustrating. Gravity is the first [key control] product I've seen that gives management true peace of mind."

    John Benny
    Former IFMA Chapter President

Did You Know?

  • Re-keying a multi-tenant high-rise can cost upwards of $80,000 and take several weeks to finish. Even with insurance, an average deductible would run $25,000.
  • The majority of master keys today are simply protected by the traditional key ring attached to a belt loop. This method of key control has remained unchanged for well over 100 years.