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    Never lose a set of master keys again!

    Re-keying a building or floor is expensive, time consuming, and exposes the building and tenants to potential security and safety breaches. Eliminate that risk with ekt.


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    The Only Preemptive Key Loss Solution

    ekt locates keys before they are lost. ekt prevents loss using audible and physical alarms and light strobes so you will never lose a set of master keys again!


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    Reliable, Easy to Use, and Just $245* Per Unit

    ekt can immediately be incorporated into existing key control programs for any sized organization, and is ideal for multiple industries including: security; janitorial; property and facility management; hospitality; health care; law enforcement and corrections.

    * quantity and dealer discounts available.


ekt Features

  • Prevention: The solution to key loss is the electronic tether that keeps keys within a 15-step radius of the user.
  • Ease-of-Use: ekt is easily removed by pressing on the thumb release button and returned to the belt unit with a simple click and snap.
  • Triple Threat Alarms:The belt unit and key unit emit a combination of unique alarms based on feel, audio, and visual. This combination makes identifying key location quick and fool-proof.

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Did You Know?

  • A small suburban office building will often have at least 5 master key sets available for use. Move to a multi-tenant mid-rise and the number of key sets may jump to 20.
  • Key loss is not only a security and cost issue - it's also a credibility and integrity issue for security firms and property management companies.


    "When Tether Technologies approached us with the ekt, we were excited to be part of the initial rollout and moved quickly to get the units in the hands of our staff. We deployed early prototypes to a few employees and received very positive feedback for ease of use, and in at least two cases, the units performed perfectly when staff members left their keys behind. We have since deployed them across the maintenance zones with similar results. The ekt is a great tool for improving key security and accountability."

    John Carroll, Southwest Maintenance Zone manager for the University of Washington

    "Losing master keys is an embarrasing & expensive experience, knowing it can be prevented makes it all the more frustrating. EKT is the first [key control] product I've seen that gives management true peace of mind."

    John Benny
    Former IFMA Chapter President